Mentor Instituttet

It is our task to strengthen our customers' opportunities to do something for the individual patient.

We see it as our task to make complex health care issues simple and easy to understand. We will disseminate evidence-based knowledge in an easy understandable way. We will ensure better patient care through better communication. 

Mentor Institute's areas of competence:

Writing evidence-based health science.

Writing educational and accessible to the public and professionals in the health sector.

Teaching communication, leadership and preadmission assessmentfor employees primarily in the health sector.

To develop websites with clinical content for example., etc.

To plan and implement surveys mainly in the health sector.

To organise projects on quality development and quality assurance in health care.

The plan health professional courses eg. in first aid and medical treatment for health employees.

Mentor function for managers in the health sector.

We desire close cooperation with acknowledged clinics and treatment centers in the health sector and research and educational units within our field.